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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my whole family attend a class?

Yes! Some classes are set up for entire families. Other classes can be created to meet a need your family has. Contact us if you are interested in something that you don’t see. We can create custom classes for your family or families in your neighborhood!

Do I have to bring any items of my own?

Please plan to bring paper and pen to the classes. If you are attending a class with range time, eye and ear protection is needed in addition to your firearm and ammunition. A full list of materials is included in the information you will receive after registration. No ammunition is allowed in the classroom!

Do you have custom classes?

Yes, in regards to personal safety and protection, we can customize your class to suit your needs. Please contact us with your needs.

What do you offer for women?

Actually, all of our classes can be set up for all women. We have females instructors
All of our classes are offered to all groups.

Are private lessons available?

Yes, our instructor is available for private or small group lessons in the classroom or at the range. Prices range from $45/hour for private or $80/hour for 2 participants or $105/hour for 3 participants.

How old does a child have to be to attend a class?

Ages range for children according to the classes that they take. Firearm safety classes from ages 11 and up. We also offer basic shooting classes for older children and Hunter Safety classes will be added in the fall. Please see course descriptions for more details.

Are classes and shooting range in the same building?

No. Our classroom is in the city limits of Harahan and our range is an in door range located approximately 2 miles away. We are required to shoot outside of the city limits.

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